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Pay-Per-Click Marketing most commonly called PPC Marketing is a form of Search Engine Advertising.

PPC buys visitors to your site, rather than attempting to earn organically. In PPC, advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked which are placed on Search Engines Platforms like Google and Bing.


Pay-Per-Click Marketing is used to achieve all types of campaign goals, including:

Increasing Sales.

Generating Leads

Increasing Brand Awareness

In this post, we’ll talk about what are Pay-Per-Click Marketing Services, How Does Pay per Click marketing works, the Benefits of PPC Marketing, How to hire the best PPC Marketing Company for you with a detailed description of each one. To know more details about pay-per-click-marketing click here.


How Does Pay-Per-Click Marketing Work?

How Pay-Per-Click Marketing WorksPay-per-click advertising  is an advertising model that allows you to promote your business online but as the name implies, PPC only makes you pay when someone clicks on one of your ads. It’s also called Cost per Click (CPC).

In most scenarios, PPC runs like an auction system. You find a keyword (or customer demographic) that’s related to your business, set how much you’re willing to spend for each click and try to beat your competitors.

If your bid is higher than your competitors’, your ads will show up as users look up the keywords you’ve targeted in search engines. The most popular platform for this model is Google and Bing.

There are other online advertising models, particularly on social networks, that charge based on how many people view your ad. Typically, this means you pay the ad platform on a cost per thousand impressions (CPM) basis, and are charged a certain amount for every 1000 people who see your ad.

Typically, CPC is better for when you want to get new visitors to your site and convert them into paying customers. CPM is more helpful for spreading brand awareness.

Pay-per-click is calculated by dividing the advertising cost by the number of clicks generated by an advertisement. The basic formula is −

Pay-per-click ($) = Advertising cost ($) ÷ Ads clicked (#)


How Does PPC Marketing Benefits Advertisers?

More and more businesses are taking advantage of PPC advertising and Google Ads marketing campaign in order to reach new audiences and increase revenue.

ppc marketing benefits

Here are 5 Powerful Benefits of Using PPC Advertising

1) Targeted Advertising

PPC ads allow you access to an entirely new audience. Whatever platform you advertise on, you can put your ad in front of people who are most likely to be interested in what you have to offer. PPC ads allow you to choose specific terms or interests in order for you to target your perfect audience.

Google Ads allows you to choose particular keywords people will be searching for, and send them to a relevant page on your site, in order to get the best chance of a conversion.

2) Measurable ROI:

PPC advertising gives you measurable ROI, which allows you to see exactly what you are getting out of the ads. You can measure impressions and the number of clicks you are getting, and compare this to your sales and revenue.

3) Quick Brand Exposure

Even if you’re a decade behind your competitors, you can get your brand in front of people who otherwise may not even know your business exists. Google Ads puts you at the top of the search results, meaning anyone searching for keywords you determine will be exposed to your brand, products, and services you are offering.

4) Pay Only When People Click

It’s in the name, PPC ads mean you only have to pay money when someone actually clicks on your ad. Anyone who comes across your ad is likely to already be interested in what you have to offer, and so paying when they click your ad is usually worth the cost.

5) Advertise Locally or Globally

Google Ads allows you to reach out to potential customers based on location. This means you can find customers within a matter of miles from your business, if your target audience is local, or can scale business by advertising to people in different Countries, Regions, or across the Globe.


What are Pay-Per-Click Marketing Services?


Pay-Per-Click Marketing ServicesCompetitor’s Research

Competitor analysis is an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of current and potential competitors. This analysis provides both an offensive and defensive strategic context to identify opportunities and threats.

Keyword Research

Google Ads clicks aren’t cheap, so it’s not enough to get relevant traffic, you need to get buyers to your site. So keyword research for Google Ads is a key part of setting up successful Pay-Per-Click campaigns to get the potential ROI. It’s one of the first things you’ll do. And you should spend enough time researching to find the various ways that people search for your products or services.

Firstly, you should understand your customer’s needs. Try to think of all the ways they’ll search and make a list of popular keywords that you can use as part of your research and then go over to the different Keyword Tools to start the search. Tools help you to get a lot of info about your keywords including:

  • What traffic volumes they get each month
  • Closely related keywords that you can add
  • Suggested bids based on past performance
  • How competitive they are – low, medium, or high competition
  • What budgets you should consider setting
  • Suggested campaign and ad group grouping according to themes

Understanding how difficult a keyword is to rank well in search engines is the second step in finding the right keywords to target.

The longer and more specific your keywords are the fewer people will search for them, but the more likely you are to rank well because not only is there less competition since there is a bigger chance most pages aren’t optimized for those long-tail keywords.

Ad Campaigns Designs

Google Ads has been this successful thanks in large part to the fact that it’s one of the most cost-effective advertising methods for companies of all sizes. Everything from small shops to Fortune 100 companies uses the same platform.

Running an effective Ads campaign requires intelligent work. You can’t simply throw Thousands at Google and expect to get leads. Instead, you need to do your homework and leverage the targeting (and other) tools the Ads platform puts at your disposal ie-

  • Understand What Ads Is For
  • Research and Understand Your Target Audience
  • Have a Specific Goal for Each Campaign, and Don’t Combine Them
  • Create a Targeted Landing Page for Your Ad
  • Create Lots of Versions of the Ad Copy
  • Verify Positive ROI
  • Test, Retest, and Retest Again

Monitoring and Campaigns

The job of a Search Engine Marketing company goes beyond creating and managing paid ad campaigns to get high visibility for the client business. It is also responsible for delivering measurable results that can be tracked at any time by the client. Agency must have advanced reporting tools to help you gauge the efficacy of your paid campaign.


Why you need a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing Agency?

Paid search management is a great component of your marketing to outsource or delegate to a specialist. The field moves fast, so even without other responsibilities, keeping up with campaigns on a daily basis and all the developments in the technology and market environment is very demanding. When your time is already at a premium, finding a qualified agency can make a world of difference. Here are some questions to help you choose how to resource your online advertising needs.

need of ppc marketing agency

  1. Affordability

When you hire a PPC Marketing agency, you have full access to a team of professionals for the price of a single hire from the in-house marketing team. Why pay for every expert in the field when you can get the work done at a reduced rate and with a well-qualified team of experts.

  1. Marketing Expertise

With a Marketing expert, you can be assured that only the best practices are being put to use for online marketing. They have vast expertise in dealing with various businesses. It can be risky hiring in-house marketers for this purpose since they don’t have as much knowledge and experience as a PPC marketing agency does.


  1. Updated Strategy

A PPC marketing agency is well aware of how to design a perfect PPC Marketing Ad campaigns. They have a wide array of clients to their credit and know what best strategy to apply. Marketing agencies also know how to drive results and can show you the best design options that your campaign requires.


  1. Evaluating Competitors

Since PPC marketing agencies have dealt with various industries and clients they have better knowledge at measuring competitors. If as a business head you find that your competitor has been more successful than you have been, it’s time to hire a PPC marketing agency that has studied your competitor better than you. Competitor tracking can be tasking, deploying tools can be expensive. We sort this problem by keeping a close eye on competitor’s strategy through tools. These tools help us track the traffic estimation of a client, strategic calls that are observed through their behavior


  1. Tools and Technologies

There are so many tools available these days to increase productivity and efficiency in terms of performance. Unfortunately, these tools cost a lot of money and small or medium-sized companies cannot afford to buy them. Pay-Per-Click marketing agencies already have these installed and give the desired output.


Choose Digital Nerd as Your Best Trusted Pay-per-click Marketing Company in India.

ppc marketing agency

In case you’re searching for a Best Trusted PPC Marketing Agency in India to assist you with achieving all your marketing and sales goals, then Digital Nerd is the right place for you.

Digital Nerd is a worldwide acclaimed Digital Marketing Company based in Mumbai, India, that has set new and higher quality standards for services delivered in the field of digital marketing.

Our in-house team of professional experts who specialize in various digital marketing services like SEO, Social Media Marketing, Pay-Per-Click Marketing service, Online Reputation Management, and Website Designing Development, has enabled us to be one among the best digital marketing companies in India.


How Can Our Pay-Per-Click Marketing Services Make a Difference to Your Business?

How Can Our Pay-Per-Click Marketing Services Make a Difference to Your Business

We put together a custom PPC marketing plan for you that is based on your business’ goals. Then we execute the plan on a monthly basis.

The plan breaks into three critical parts:

Understanding your Goal and desired outcome

PPC campaigns exist for a wide variety of reasons. And it’s crucial to have a clear picture of what you hope to achieve before you go through the process of finding the right PPC ad campaign strategies.

So before getting started, we sit down with you or your team and set clear goals and expectations and also consider the level of participation you want to have throughout the process. Do you want to be super hands-on, or are you hoping for us to completely take over?

Understanding your expectations makes it easier to communicate what you’re after and ensures everyone’s on the same page.

Your goals may include:

  • Adding more qualified leads to your automated sales funnel
  • Selling more of a specific product or category of products
  • Increasing the number of visitors to a landing page
  • Building awareness for your brand


Impeccable keyword research

We research your business and decide what keywords to focus on.

Analyze your competitor’s keyword strategy for a similar business.


The quickest way to see a return on your investment is by targeting commercial-intent (transactional) keywords. People searching for things like “Buy iPhone X” or “best web hosting services” are ready to buy.


But making more money isn’t the only goal behind PPC advertising. Maybe, if you want to grow your email list to add more leads into your sales funnel. Or raise brand awareness. Or drive traffic to help increase ad revenue. Regardless of the end goal, we understand your campaign’s purpose and help you choose appropriate keywords to target.


Evaluating data, analytics, and results

Evaluating data and analytics are crucial to the success of ad campaigns.

As an expert in PPC marketing, we understand how to strategize new ideas that improve your overall ROI. We use what we already know and what we learn about your target market to develop high-yield campaigns.


Depth of Expertise

Because of the complexity associated with PPC, we as an agency understand the depth of focus required in the paid search space. That’s why we put adequate time and attention into the PPC area of your marketing efforts. Our agency has a dedicated PPC manager who focuses solely on paid search campaigns.


Attract More Prospects

Gain more website traffic through effective pay-per-click ad campaigns


Convert More Leads

Once you have more traffic on your website, you need to convert the traffic from an anonymous website visitor to an identifiable lead. We do this through irresistible downloadable content offers (like eBooks and webinars), lead nurturing via email, A/B testing, and compelling videos.


Close More Sales

Leads are no good if they don’t close. We empower your sales team with new tools and data to help them close more of the leads we send.



Furthermore, we also understand the importance of collecting as much information as possible as well as sharing that data with you. You would know exactly what we are doing in your account


– What tools do we use to measure essential PPC metrics?

– Will actively share campaign data and results with you?

– You will have independent access to analytics and reporting.




We are committed to keeping you ahead of the competition with our Pay-per-click marketing and other Digital Marketing services in India! Sign up with us & let the best digital marketing company in India drive digital marketing initiatives for your business.



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