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Returns and Refund

Digital Nerd Technologies Return and Refund Policy

1. Introduction

1.1. This Return and Refund Policy (“Policy”) applies to services provided by Digital Nerd Technologies in the domains of website design and social media marketing.

1.2. By engaging with Digital Nerd Technologies, you acknowledge and accept the terms outlined in this Policy.

2. Complete Project Discussion

2.1. Digital Nerd Technologies engages in thorough discussions with clients in advance of any project.

2.2. All features for website design and social media marketing are transparently communicated to the client during the initial discussions.

2.3. The scope of work is shared in advance to ensure mutual understanding and agreement.

3. No Return or Refund Policy

3.1. Due to the nature of our services and the detailed project discussions held in advance, Digital Nerd Technologies does not provide a return or refund policy.

3.2. Once the project has been initiated and the scope of work agreed upon, refunds are not applicable.

4. Quality Assurance

4.1. Digital Nerd Technologies is committed to delivering high-quality work that aligns with the discussed project features and scope.

4.2. If there are concerns about the delivered work, clients are encouraged to communicate promptly so that Digital Nerd Technologies can address and rectify any issues.

5. Additional Pointers

5.1. Open Communication: We encourage clients to maintain open communication throughout the project to ensure that expectations are met.

5.2. Client Involvement: Client involvement is crucial for successful project completion. Regular feedback and clarification on requirements contribute to a positive outcome.

5.3. Project Timelines: Timely responses from clients on approvals and feedback are essential for adhering to project timelines.

6. Contact Information

Digital Nerd Technologies
Mobile: +919892489826

By engaging with Digital Nerd Technologies, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to this Return and Refund Policy. For any clarifications or concerns, please contact us using the provided contact information.